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Give Scallops a try this Fall

Want to give something new a try this fall? Scallops are the way to go! Scallops are salty, slightly sweet, and buttery with a tender texture. Their texture is similar to that of crab or lobster. They easily take on the seasoning you cook them with, so be prepared for something tasty. Scallops are widely […]

Get Grilling this Summer

Tired of the same old thing when you are planning what to eat this summer? Please stop by one of our Adelphia locations to pick up some seafood to throw on the grill! Add one of Adelphia’s new signature seasoning blends to elevate your experience. Continue reading for a simple guide to grilling fish and […]

A Summer Favorite: Maryland Crabs

No East Coast summer is complete without a Maryland Blue Crab Feast! It’s always a great social event when enjoying a few dozen steamed hard-shell crabs while gathering with your friends and family! Who could resist these red-shelled beauties with sweet and delicate meat? According to, blue crabs can be found in waters as […]

Wild Salmon Season Begins: Copper River Salmon

It’s that time of year! Starting in mid-May through September, fishing begins for the “crown jewels” of the salmon world. This season is awaited worldwide for its renowned wild King salmon, Sockeye, and Coho salmon. According to the source, yearly the salmon that have reached maturity return home to breed. These fish are highly […]

Maine Lobster for MOM

What’s something extra special you could prepare to show MOM how much you appreciate her? One of our top suggestions is Maine lobster tail! Shop here: With its remarkably buttery, sweet taste and tender texture, Maine lobster is known for being meaty and satisfying. The best part for home cooks is that Maine lobster […]

Sustainable Fish that’s in our cases

Since Earth Day is here and, with our world more focused on more earth-friendly options, we wanted to focus on what it means to be sustainable and some of the varieties of fish that we carry. We always stock a very popular choice: the highly sustainable Norwegian salmon. To ensure safe and sustainable aquaculture, the […]

Norwegian Salmon: The Superfood

What’s the big deal about Norwegian salmon? Norway has become the largest exporter of Atlantic salmon globally over the last 20 years. The simple answer to the question above is that it is high quality, beautiful in color intensity, and tastes incredibly fresh. Shop Norwegian Salmon here:   Salmon can be found in the […]

Get Hooked on Adelphia Sushi

GET HOOKED ON ADELPHIA SUSHI What makes Adelphia’s sushi unique? Did you know that we use only fresh fish in our sushi rolls straight from the source? We bring in the freshest ingredients, including tuna, salmon, and REAL blue crab meat from around the world every day of the week, cut it in-house from whole […]