Monthly Archives: March 2022

Get Hooked on Adelphia Sushi

GET HOOKED ON ADELPHIA SUSHI What makes Adelphia’s sushi unique? Did you know that we use only fresh fish in our sushi rolls straight from the source? We bring in the freshest ingredients, including tuna, salmon, and REAL blue crab meat from around the world every day of the week, cut it in-house from whole […]

New Sustainable Mussels in House at Adelphia

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Steamed Mussels! Bang’s Island mussels are new and in-store now in 2-pound bags. These premium quality and sustainable mussels are hand-raised in the calm, clean waters of Casco Bay, ME. Click here to shop:   These mussels are cultivated responsibly at two locations on the Maine coast, Clapboard Island and […]

Cod – A Popular Choice for Dinner

Cod is one of the most popular selections in our stores. What’s the difference between the several types we carry? Alaskan cod will always come to the stores previously frozen. This is due to the fishing cycle and how they process it on the boat, it’s known as frozen at sea. This is the best […]