Why Adelphia


  • Sources fresh, quality fish and seafood from the world’s best suppliers
  • Receives deliveries 6 days a week from all over the world
  • Employs a dedicated HACCP committee which meets regularly to stay current on all food safety concerns
  • Maintains a state of the art, temperature controlled facility keeps your fish and seafood fresh


  • Dedicated sales associates For Home and For Business / Wholesale Seafood Customers
  • Experience and knowledge of the seafood industry – We are your seafood experts
  • Multiple deliveries per week for wholesale customers to PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, and OH
  • In-house production kitchen gives you access to a variety of seafood salads & dips, crab cakes, soups, stuffed fish, and other specialty items


  • Your one stop source for premium quality fresh and frozen seafood products
  • Retail locations have daily stock of fish, shellfish, crab, lobster, fresh made items, bread, and select frozen products
  • Wholesale offers more than 2,300 varieties of fresh & frozen products for your convenience
  • In-house fishcutting department gives you access to your favorite fresh fish in a number of ways: whole, fillets, and portions
  • Variety of Fresh Made items produced in-house

Why Adelphia Seafood?

  • We are your one stop source for fresh, high quality seafood
  • We are your local seafood experts
  • We service wholesale seafood customers in PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, OH and other regional areas
  • We get our fresh seafood delivered to Adelphia 6 days a week from all over the world
  • We produce in-house salads, dips, crab cakes, and other specialty items

What can Adelphia Seafood do for you?

  • Multiple Deliveries per week of fresh & frozen seafood items
  • Fresh Made items from the Adelphia Kitchen
  • Portioned Fish, Fillets, Whole Fish, Fresh and Frozen
  • Wide variety of Shellfish selection from approved sources
  • Convenient retail locations