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Adelphia Seafood’s wholesale division has been leading the way throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years. Adelphia’s wholesale seafood business distributes over 5.2 million pounds of seafood products on a yearly basis with fresh seafood accounting for 4.1 million pounds.

There are many aspects of procurement needed in order to Get Fresh, and Adelphia actively works to ensure they are all in place:

Solid relationships with leading seafood suppliers worldwide

Quality starts with having solid relationships with trusted world-leading seafood suppliers. Adelphia works closely with our suppliers to forecast needs and anticipate the seasonality of the industry as well as unexpected changes in the seafood market. These relationships, our seafood expertise, and our company size allow you to purchase high quality seafood items at a fair market price.

Seafood Selection

Adelphia inventories over 2,300 products and our buyers are consistently searching for new and innovative products to assist you with keeping your offerings fresh. Special Item requests are also available on a regular basis to meet your needs and keep you on budget. Click here to access our Wholesale Product Guide complete with pack sizes.

Strict adherence to food safety

All products arriving at Adelphia must pass our stringent inspection procedures to ensure the consistent and high quality product our customers have become accustomed to daily. Adhering to HACCP and Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs), Adelphia is able to maintain an exceptional record in all food safety audits. Ultimately, this means you are sure to receive fresh, quality seafood. Click here to read more about Adelphia’s Food Safety program.

Six deliveries per week to Adelphia of fresh and frozen seafood products

Adelphia receives deliveries 6 days per week of fresh and frozen seafood products from all over the world. By consistently turning product over and bringing new product in to inventory, we keep you supplied with fresh, quality seafood.

Multiple delivery days per week to Adelphia customers

Adelphia Seafood offers multiple deliveries per week which allows you to offer the freshest product available to run specials, respond to special request orders, meet your needs, and maintain premium quality. In order to control the perishable nature inherent to the seafood industry, Adelphia’s multiple weekly deliveries allow you better control of your inventory. Adelphia’s flexible delivery schedule allows you to keep your customers happy with quality seafood and ultimately maximize your gross profit.

Fresh Fish Processing Department

Adelphia goes further than the box in, box out seafood mentality of seafood distribution. Our Fresh Fish Processing Department gives you access to quality, fresh fish the way you want it: Whole, H&G, Skin On Fillets, Skin Off Fillets, Steaks, and Portions. We can do it all in house. Our trained fish cutters are educated and experienced in skillfully processing all fresh fish species.

Fresh Fish Portion Program

Being able to accurately control your food costs is a big step in running a profitable operation. Buying fresh fish portions saves money on labor, training, and waste. Adelphia Seafood utilizes state of the art portioning equipment to process your order within 1/4 oz tolerance.

In-House Production Kitchen & Chef

Adelphia is a reputable and proven source for fresh made items, including our famous Krab Salad, other seafood salads and dips, a variety of crab cakes and soups, stuffed fish and more. The premium taste of our fresh made items is a direct result of starting with quality ingredients. Adelphia proudly offers many of our own recipes and will also work hand in hand with our customers to develop products suited for their needs. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Gold Label private label Salad and Dip line. Click to learn more about our Fresh Made items and Gold Label offerings.

Wide Variety Customer Base

Adelphia takes pride in our knowledge and ability to service a wide variety of customers. We are the seafood suppliers to:Restaurants and

  • Foodservice
  • Retailers and Groceries
  • Broadliners
  • Institutions and Government
  • Distributors and Wholesalers

Each one of our customers comprise our unique mix of relationships we truly value. It is because of the different customer dynamics that Adelphia services that allow you to take advantage of our fresh, quality seafood products. Adelphia appreciates all of our customers and we thank you for your business.