Adelphia Seafood’s vision of helping our communities live a healthy life stems from its beginnings as a small, family owned seafood company.

Adelphia was founded from Harry O. Hahn Seafood which was a local seafood company based out of Reading, PA in the 1950s. The owner, Harry Hahn, ran both a retail and wholesale business out of their location on 9th and Greenwich Streets. To this day, Adelphia honors its founder by maintaining the corporate name of Harry O. Hahn Seafood.

In 1973, Walter Hurleman and Donald Wentling acquired the business, and in 1975 opened a second location in Pottsville, PA. The third location acquired was called Adelphia Seafood and was based out of Lancaster, PA. In 1979, the Fairgrounds Farmers Market opened in Reading, PA. Each of these 4 locations ran separate retail and wholesale businesses.

In order to streamline the business and run more efficiently, the West Lawn, PA, location was opened in 1983 and all wholesale business was now directed through this location. Due to the size and capabilities of this facility, the Reading store ceased operations and West Lawn became home of the flagship retail location. The company made a fresh start at this time by changing the name of both the retail and wholesale divisions to Adelphia Seafood.

With the logistics in place, Walter Hurleman and Donald Wentling led Adelphia Seafood to being your go-to place for quality, fresh seafood until 2001 when Walter became the sole owner of Adelphia Seafood.

In 2007, Jason Hurleman and Ted Kuhn acquired the business from Walter. Adelphia thanks Walter for his tireless efforts during his 34 years with Adelphia. Jason and Ted are committed to the same standards of business that Adelphia was built upon: seafood expertise, high quality products, and a commitment to providing “Fresh Seafood Daily.”

Today, Adelphia Seafood still operates as a family owned business dedicated to helping you live a healthy life. Adelphia stands as a multi-state leader in seafood procurement, delivery, and in retail. Adelphia serves its communities through 3 retail locations: West Lawn, Fairgrounds, and Pottsville, and the wholesale division supplies customers in PA, NY, NJ, OH, MD, and DE.