A Note from The Owners: Welcome to Adelphia Seafood! We at Adelphia take pride in our ability to deliver our mission – assisting people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To Adelphia, this means providing our customers with the freshest, highest quality seafood on a daily basis. Our aim is to be the most reliable resource for fresh fish and seafood expertise.

Adelphia Seafood has represented seafood expertise and superior customer service for more than 50 years; beginning with the company’s founder, Harry Hahn, in the 1950s. Headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, Adelphia has grown to become a leading multi-state regional distributor, processor, and retailer of fresh and frozen seafood products. We utilize multiple resources, including fresh fish processing, a product kitchen, and other various solutions to meet your individual needs and expectations. It is our belief that our ability to supply a fresh, quality product enables both you and Adelphia to experience success.

We would like to thank our predecessor as owner, Walter Hurleman, for his knowledge and contributions throughout his years with Adelphia Seafood. We pledge to continue to emphasize the foundation of our business – seafood expertise, high quality products and a commitment to providing, “Fresh Seafood Daily.”

We are confident and passionate about Adelphia’s role as your seafood specialist, which allows us to promote seafood as a healthy food source in the communities in which we serve. We thank you for your continued trust in Adelphia Seafood.


Jason Hurleman
President & Co-Owner

Ted Kuhn
CFO & Co-Owner