Maine Lobster for MOM

What’s something extra special you could prepare to show MOM how much you appreciate her?

One of our top suggestions is Maine lobster tail!

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With its remarkably buttery, sweet taste and tender texture, Maine lobster is known for being meaty and satisfying. The best part for home cooks is that Maine lobster is flavorful enough to shine all on its own with minimal seasoning or prep work.

Besides its exquisite taste and texture, it offers many health benefits. It’s one of the healthiest proteins around. Lobster meat is packed with beneficial vitamins, including calcium, phosphorous, choline, vitamin B12, niacin, selenium, and hydroxyapatite. It is also high in omega-3s and low in saturated fat and calories.

When preparing LIVE lobsters, follow these directions:


If you decide to go with TAILS, may we suggest these dishes?




We hope you have a happy and blessed Mother’s Day, spending time with the people you love no matter what you choose.