Norwegian Salmon: The Superfood

What’s the big deal about Norwegian salmon? Norway has become the largest exporter of Atlantic salmon globally over the last 20 years. The simple answer to the question above is that it is high quality, beautiful in color intensity, and tastes incredibly fresh.

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Salmon can be found in the colder parts of the ocean; the most common type is Atlantic salmon which is well known for its excellent quality worldwide. The Norwegian coastline offers pristine conditions for salmon to thrive since it is a naturally very chilly environment far into the Arctic waters.

Norwegian salmon production has reduced its use of antibiotics remarkably by 97% since 1990. It is also a highly sustainable fish and is not genetically modified. To ensure safe and sustainable aquaculture, the industry must follow strict regulations for certifications by three different independent organizations. According to Norwegian laws, aquaculture must be considerate to the local ecosystems. This is an essential value to Norwegian salmon farming. Not to mention the fact that although many fish contain higher levels of mercury, salmon is one of the “best” choices on the FDA’s list of “lower-mercury” seafood options.

Plus, it’s a superfood! It is extremely rich in protein, vitamin A, D, and B12, antioxidants, and omega-3s; it is the ideal fish selection that can be enjoyed safely in warm and cold dishes. Eating fish can reduce your risk of cardiac death by ten times.

Try these suggested dishes with Norwegian Salmon (there’s even one for the kids):

With meals options for everyone in the family and the incredible health benefits you can experience from eating Norwegian salmon, why not incorporate it into your weekly meal plan?