Wine & Seafood Event Take 2!


Seafood & Wine Pairing with Adelphia & Ridgewood



Here at Adelphia, we sure are getting the hang of what wine to pair with our favorite seafood offerings and we are having a blast doing it! On Tuesday, May 8, our West Lawn retail location hosted the second installment of our Seafood & Wine pairing. Partnering with Ridgewood Winery from Birdsboro, we created a fun-filled and educational night for all who attended and we would like to extend our thanks to those folks who were there.

Tickets needed to be purchased prior to the event and included the following, each dish paired with just the right wine:  clams casino chowder, shrimp cocktail, seared scallops (Adelphia’s own in-house chef, Mike Martino, demonstrated a simple, easy way to prepare them with just salt, pepper, butter and lemon), tuna poke, salmon and tilapia grilled with mussels, clams and veggies, and, for dessert, key lime pie.

Needless to say, everyone who attended took home lots of new tips and tricks as to how to make delicious, yet easy meals with the seafood we have to offer as well as what wines go well with those dishes.

We are looking forward to our next installment of pairings which will include a beer & seafood event in June.