Do It Local! Special Savings with Adelphia Seafood

Do it Local = A Win Win for Everyone!

As a family owned and operated business, Adelphia knows how important it is to support local businesses in our area. This is why we have partnered with a new mobile app concept called Do it Local. This is a mobile app that offers exclusive deals and discounts at over 110 favorite locally owned establishments throughout Berks County. For a full list of current businesses, visit These include Adelphia Seafood(obvious and shameless plug here), many restaurants and eateries, salons and spas, wineries, mechanics, golf courses and many more.


Memberships are only $25 per year. $15 of each membership supports the charity of your choice who partners with Do it Local. Plus, YOU receive a year of awesome savings from all the businesses involved! The deals are digital so you have the ability to use them all year long right from your cell phone(no coupon clipping necessary), many of them refresh every 24 hours for multiple uses and some businesses switch up the deals they run from month to month. New businesses and deals are being added monthly too!


New members get notified as new deals are added to the app and you get reminders when you are in an area where deals are available so you won’t miss a thing! The app is very easy to use and is like savings right in your pocket directly available on your cell.


Some of the Do it Local charity partners are the American Cancer Society of Berks County, the Animal Rescue League, the Opportunity House and the BIG Vision Foundation. Knowing that you had a direct impact in helping a local charity is so rewarding!


This is a truly great way to support local charities and businesses in our area and we encourage you to purchase your membership today!  Win-Win!​