Gold Label Shrimp & Seafood Sides

Did you know that Adelphia Seafood has our very own brand of shrimp, seafood salads and dishes? That’s right! We offer our exclusive Gold Label shrimp and seafood sides which are the best choice for quality. Not to mention, they are all produced, packed and distributed here in the USA!

Our premium domestic shrimp are wild caught and processed in the United States where they are carefully inspected and frozen to ensure the finest taste, texture and appearance. They are available in a large variety of sizes ranging from extra colossal to salad-sized shrimp as well as shrimp pieces. Think of endless mouth-watering meal possibilities!

Our Gold Label salads and dips are produced by our in-house kitchen and chef. These include our famous Signature Krab, shrimp and lobster salads as well as many varieties of seafood pasta sides. Need a little something extra for that party you are hosting or a little treat to pair with your weekend glass of wine? Adelphia has a wide selection of dips for you to enjoy including Jalapeno, Krab and Seafood dip.

With the arrival of fall and the soon-to-come nip in the air, there is nothing like getting cozy with a warm bowl of soup. We’ve got you covered with choices like lobster bisque, Maryland crab and clam chowder.

Finally, when you need a quick, yummy dish to just pop in the oven after a hard day at work (because let’s face it, you’ve worked hard enough for one day), pick up some stuffed flounder or salmon and some fresh veggies at one of our retail locations for an easy meal.

We always start with fresh, quality ingredients which directly results in the premium taste of our fresh made items. Adelphia proudly offers many of our own recipes and will work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop products suiting their needs. Talk about customer focus and personal touch! You can shop with confidence knowing your selection is of the highest quality with any of our Gold Label selections!